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Who Should I Call?—The Three Essential Friendship Types

12 Aug

Every couple needs some essential types of friendships to keep them going and feeling connected. See which needs you might still fulfill to create a happier and more supportive environment.

The “Couple”
It’s a Thursday night, and nothing is ready for dinner (how could I?!). The couple friend is perfect for these types of situations. They are both available, together, for double dates on a regular basis, and both of the guys become friends as well as the girls. This makes for the perfect situation in which all four people can have a good conversation, or there could be two conversations going on (the girls’ and the guys’) at the same time.
The couple friend secures your own identity in your relationship. Seeing another couple giving affection, or even having little tiffs, reminds your own relationship is very normal. This couple is perfect to plan a weekend getaway with, and it gives you and your man something to look forward to.

The Consultant
This friend is around when you just have to get out of the house and call someone to vent. They are not surprised or alarmed if you call with a difficult situation, and never judge the intensity of your feelings in the moment. If the next day everything is fine again, they understand that they have helped you through the difficult moment, and maybe…just maybe, it wasn’t quite as dramatic as you thought. But, they are the consultant and hopefully you serve the same role for them.

The Constant
Everybody remembers fondly—and misses—childhood friendships that involved rolling out of bed, walking outside, and hanging out for hours with your best neighbor friend. The Constant friend is almost always available, is located in your same town, and is the one you could take to the grocery store and it wouldn’t matter, because they are low maintenance. Your conversations revolve around serious issues, but also simple, everyday topics. You are never lonely if you have a constant friend. But, let’s not be idealistic. People have lives and nobody will ever be as available and constant as your childhood friend.

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