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The Year I Quit Writing

5 Jun


It has been almost a full year since my last post. This has become such an awkward fact for someone who used to define herself as a writer that until now, it has prevented me from starting up again. There is something innately embarrassing about starting something you don’t finish or, in this case, maintain. Then, I realized, the only thing worse that having been “too busy” to write for a year is having too much pride to start up again. Now wouldn’t that have been dumb.

Now this is the paragraph we call excuses. They are simple–first year teacher, and DIY wedding planner. But, like all sad excuses, they are more complex.  I have never known how to write about the hilarious, exhausting, rewarding experiences of teaching while 1. maintaining privacy of students and peers at work and 2. having enough time to do both. And I have not known how to write about the rest of my life and just leave this part out, because it is a career that becomes a part of you. Suggestions welcome, especially from other writers gone teachers, teachers gone writers, and teacher writers.

So, with the wedding two months away, and the summer to revive my lost writing skills, let’s try again.

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