Grown Up Cinderella

30 Apr

Today, Internet surfing increased 20 percent with the Royal Wedding. Girls, women, and grandmas across the country rose and shine earlier than ever, witnessing the event around the globe. In the midst of natural disasters, a stagnant economy, and the war that will never end, everyone stopped to watch a modern day love story. All news programs tuned in, including CNN. No news was more important than a love story this morning.

Why the fascination? Nobody seems to care what the British monarch does during the rest of the decade. But today was a celebration of love. The fairy tale had everything of the storybook version—years of trials and tribulations before it all came together. Family and friends surrounding the happy ending. A carriage, horses, and yes, a (balding) knight in shining armor—literally.

The lady at the deli wore a tiara over her worn in Kroger hat. People danced in the streets in Britain all night long. We learned, and witnessed all over the world that love does prevail, and that we desire it over everything else. When you get down to the core, Kate and Will’s relationship is no different than any other couple’s love—it was simply the only marriage given the amount of grandeur and acknowledgement that each love story deserves (princess or not). The world stopped to watch, and to celebrate the emotion that gets each of us out of bed every morning. Even at 4 am.


One Response to “Grown Up Cinderella”

  1. Chris Hodgson April 30, 2011 at 12:45 PM #

    Love this one! You are an amazing writer!

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